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When you don’t have the time to give your Louisville home or business the cleaning it needs, then it’s time to call our expert team for help!

It’s so easy to let the daily grind keep you away from having a clean living space. With your busy schedule, we understand how difficult it is to find time to give your home or business the attention it needs. That’s why we at Le Clean Maids are here to help. Our experienced professionals provide top-of-the-line cleaning services and our tailored approach aims to meet all your cleaning needs. Whether you need a deep cleaning of your entire residential or commercial property or just a regular weekly cleaning, we have you covered. You can expect us to provide excellent customer service that will go above and beyond to make sure you have spotlessly clean property.

We’ve been helping many Louisville, Kentucky, residents get a clean space for many years. With us, you can have more time to do the things that matter most to you. There’s no need to waste your time scrubbing the kitchen sink or deep cleaning the bathroom when you have us on your side. You’ve been very busy working or handling other responsibilities at home, like taking care of the kids or preparing food. You deserve a rest, so let’s take over a load of cleaning on your shoulder so you can have more time for yourself or your family.

Discover how easy it is to get a clean home or business by booking an appointment with us today. Call us now to secure your cleaning schedule!

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    Why Hire Le Clean Maids for Your Home Cleaning Service in Louisville?

    Our Housekeeping Services

    Maid Services Louisville KY

    Make your life a little more convenient with our maid service in Louisville. We provide more than just basic cleaning. We can also do linen pressing and make the beds to perfection. Whatever additional cleaning or tidying up in your home, our professional maids can help. We’ve provided these services for years and we are confident that you’ll be happy with the results - so sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything!

    Residential Cleaning Service

    Don’t let the mess of everyday life take over your home’s cleanliness. Le Clean Maids offer top-of-the-line residential cleaning services that will leave your home sparkling clean and feeling luxurious. Our team of professional housekeepers will do the cleaning with the utmost care - so you can relax and unwind. With our years of experience, you can rest assured that your home will be in expert hands.

    deep cleaning louisville

    Deep House Cleaning

    Are you looking for a thorough cleaning to keep your home spotless? We offer deep cleaning that will make your home look brand new. From vacuuming, dusting, and mopping to scrubbing bathtubs, showers, and kitchen surfaces - we won’t miss any corner or crevice of your house. We offer thorough deep cleans that will give you an immaculate living space - no more dust mites hiding in the corners! Our experienced house cleaners will take care of every surface and appliance, from dusting baseboards to scrubbing stoves.

    Move Out Cleaning

    Moving out is never easy, especially when you’re left with the daunting task of cleaning. We provide move-out cleaning services that make your transition easier and less stressful. With our professional housekeeping team, we will clean your property from top to bottom so that it looks sparkling for new tenants or owners. If you’re renting, our cleaning services will give you a higher chance of getting your deposit back with a spotlessly clean apartment.

    Office Cleaning

    Give your workplace an extra boost in productivity with our professional office cleaning services. Our experienced team will help keep your office sparkling clean. From dusting and vacuuming to mopping floors, we offer a comprehensive range of office cleaning. We tailor our services according to the size of your office and your specific needs. Don’t let your employees or clients have to work in a dirty environment- let us help you keep your workplace clean and tidy!

    Airbnb Cleaning

    Are you in need of impeccable cleanliness for your Airbnb property? We offer a 5-star cleaning service that can impress even the most discerning guests. Our services ensure that your property looks pristine and inviting, giving your customers the best possible experience with their stay. We believe that the cleanliness of your property is paramount to your success as a host. Let’s take care of every detail–from wiping down surfaces, to vacuuming carpets, and even refreshing linens–ensuring a pleasant experience for you and your guests.

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    We understand that every home is unique and may have different cleaning requirements. That is why we offer you personalized quotations tailored to your needs. With us, there’s no guessing game. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the process and not worry about any hidden charges. With us, you can just relax, take a break, and do the things that you love without the worry of your home or business cleaning needs.

    Le Clean Maids is here to make your home beautiful and sparkling clean. Our team of professional cleaners will leave your home looking like new while saving you time and a lot of energy. Let us take care of all the hard work for you!

    Are you ready to get a spotlessly clean home or business? Let’s get started by claiming your free estimate today.